Hip Tip Calc

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***Without a doubt, The BEST Tip Calc app available in any App store.
*** Won Best Tipping App Award 2 times ***
Simply The Easiest & Funnest Tipping app in the world.
A must have for restaurant goers everywhere.
Never look cheap or over tip again..

Personalize app to your own style.

With this app, you will never have to guess on what you should tip again. With Hip Tip Calc you can base your tip on the servers performance, within your own personal tipping guild lines.

Hip Tip Calc is not like every other tip calculator out there, which seems to base tips on a percentage. You are able to customize this app on your personal tipping habits.
For Help and Info please see below- We also reply to ALL emails daily.
In the iDevices Settings Menu, you must set your Min and Max tipping %. For the min, put the least amount you are willing to tip for the poorest service, and for the max, put the highest amount you are willing to tip for outstanding service.

With this app, you will base your tip on the 5 most important qualities a server can have. 1 star being the worst and 5 stars being the best.
The app will also add the tax to the Total Bill Amount after tip is generated, so you dont have to tip on the tax as well.
You will also be able to easily spilt the bill amongst other parties with the headcount feature.